Case #6

Culture development and executive coaching for a large government contractor

The Client:

A large government contractor with a global footprint doing business in some of the most remote and high-risk areas in the world.

The Issue:

Executives in finance and program operations were under increasing pressure to give more responsibility to current managers due to the increasing complexity of the work and the size of the contracts. Executives, who they themselves were working excessive hours, needed additional, focused attention on the development needs of their next level managers.

A Closer Look:

The company was facing challenges in growing its management ranks quickly enough to effectively manage the expanded scope of work in their portfolio. Programs were complex in size and implementation requirements, some located in the most desolate areas of the world, others in war zones were intensive. Managers needed to be able to assimilate large amounts of information, motivate team members under great pressure, and use their analytical and programmatic skills to rapidly ensure program implementation met deliverables and financial metrics. Because individuals in the positions had different levels of experience, confidence, and ability to execute, the leadership sought help that would zero in on the specific needs of each next level leader candidate.

A Solution:

HCA partners met with executives to delve into the unique culture and characteristics of their contracting business and human resource challenges. Understanding what they wanted to accomplish, HCA partners brought in several high powered, the business experienced executive coaches to work with the identified individuals (“coachees”.) Personality style assessments were administered to accelerate the “coachees” self-understanding and assist the coach in identifying development opportunities. One on one coaching was conducted over a 12 to 18 month period, helping each individual develop new strategies and skills to prepare for next level leadership. Feedback from the “coachee’s”direct supervisor and other leaders in the management change were sought throughout the process to ensure alignment of the coaching goals.

The Bottom Line:

Each individual achieved their goals and several were ready for promotion. Others, who needed more time to develop, were offered extended support to continue their progress.