Talent is paramount: Hiring "right" is a competitive advantage

"People are not your most important asset. The right people are."
- Jim Collins, Author Good to Great
Every search is different
The importance of hiring the right people to execute the strategy of your business can’t be overestimated. The question becomes: how do you define “the right people” for your business? In today’s competitive landscape, focusing only on a candidate’s intellect, education, experience and track record will not necessarily position your business for success. Ultimate success requires hiring people who share the same core values that you and your business operate under – people who fit your culture. Cultural fit can't be taught. You can't force someone to change their behavior to correspond to your culture, so it's critical to find people that are the right fit from the outset. Before we start each search for talent, HCA commits itself to understanding our client’s “DNA” - the unique combination of values, behaviors and standards (stated or unstated) by which the organization operates and thereby defines its culture. We spend time with your team, asking questions and gathering insights into what it’s like to be part of the business and what is critical to success. The insights we gain become part of the expanded candidate profile upon which the search is based.
Every candidate is different
We use our understanding of your business and its “DNA” (along with the requirements of the role) to actively narrow the list of candidates to only those who are a fit for your organization. Our decades of experience in identifying, attracting and assessing countless candidates enables us to effectively and efficiently weigh each individual’s attributes against our client’s need. Our evaluative process is multi-layered and in-depth, incorporating multiple interviewing methodologies and an assessment from our industrial psychologist to reach a well-rounded view of what each successful candidate could bring to the role and your team.
We are committed to your success
We understand that hiring the right talent for your business is a significant investment and we are dedicated to helping our clients see a return from that investment. Our service guarantee is the best in the business and our fee arrangement ties your investment to progress in the search. We truly partner with each of our clients, committing resources to serving their need and remaining engaged until the search is completed.