Executive and Leadership Coaching

The Power of Leadership: The Difference that Makes the Difference

“I am not a teacher, but an awakener.”

Robert Frost

Every Leader is Different

Leadership is an art and a science. There are 1000’s of books about leadership that explain the fundamentals. And yet, when all is said and done, leadership depends on the person and how they apply their strengths, experience, and wisdom to the organization in which they lead. While we know much of what works, we also leave open the possibilities with each person we coach for them to become more of who they are, take the best of what makes a great leader, and help them discover how to make it their own, in the organizational culture in which they work.

We don’t make assumptions

We look at each situation with a fresh set of eyes. As coaches, we want to know the context in which the potential “coachee” is working. Upon being engaged, we are looking for the executive being coached to affirm his or her commitment to the process. We offer assessments that help to bring greater awareness to the executive and the coach as to the strengths and development opportunities to explore. We make sure that the goals of the coaching are in alignment with the executive’s management and that results will have the desired benefits for the executive and the organization. While the problem is presented may be an issue, many times we discover deeper patterns or situations that when uncovered can bring a different approach to achieve the desired outcomes. We enter with the leader on a road of discovery, unchartered many times, but with results that have a profound impact on the individual, and bring lasting benefits throughout the organization.

There are coaches, and then there are coaches

Our coaches are experienced, “been there done that” business professionals and leaders who have gotten their stripes from managing organizations across industries and within a range of business functions. Along with their years of experience, they all have completed certified coaching programs, delivered many hours of hands-on coaching, along with compelling training in the best in class assessments and tools in the professional development field today. When it comes to matching a coach with an executive, we have the depth and breadth of experienced coaches who can relate from the CEO to the director level, knowing first hand many of the real challenges they face and the immense responsibilities they have on their shoulders to fulfill. It is with great care we enter into the coaching arrangement because nothing could more important than helping leaders lead to make a difference in an organization and for people for whom their abilities and attitude make all the difference in the world.