Case #3

In-depth organizational analysis for a large communications firm

The Client:

A thriving Washington, D.C. based communications firm serving both commercial and government clients.

The Issue:

Soon after working with HCA to manage a major cultural integration effort, the organization underwent an unexpected change in leadership and the newly appointed CEO needed to quickly gain an in-depth understanding of the organization, its infrastructure, and its culture in order to effectively manage the team through the transition and into the future. The CEO believed that there was an opportunity to improve employee engagement through greater managerial consistency and a deliberate approach to the development of a modified company culture.

A Closer Look:

New leadership looked to HCA for assistance in developing an approach that would provide a detailed view of the organization’s non-client-facing departments as well as insights into the company’s established culture. In addition, the CEO asked HCA for guidance in the development of a plan forward based on the findings.

A Solution:

We combined individual interviews, multiple personal talent assessments, functional process reviews and an employee survey to arrive at a comprehensive assessment process designed to provide leadership with the information they needed within a thirty-day timeframe. The results of the assessment were provided to the CEO in both written and discussion formats with follow-on meetings focused on the development of a detailed action plan for the implementation of recommended changes.

The Bottom Line:

Based on the results of our assessment and our ensuing discussions, the CEO implemented a number of process changes, reassigned responsibilities and decided to establish a formal human resources function headed by a qualified professional. In addition, leadership identified a number of desired behavioral changes and, as a team, committed to adjusted behaviors and expectations as an initial step toward desired cultural change.

Ongoing Relationship

HCA has continued to partner with this client over our multiple-year relationship, providing additional services to support employee development, recruiting, organizational development and HR compliance efforts.