Case #2

Internet-based not-for-profit culture evolution

The Client:

An internet-based not for profit organization with international scope and a global customer base.

The Issue:

The organization was poised to undertake several significant initiatives that would require its employees to think and behave differently, altering the company’s culture. As the CEO began to prepare for the hard work ahead, he realized that the transformation he was going to ask the organization to make needed to start at the top – with him and with his leadership team. While he believed his team to be strong, he saw indications that there was perhaps an opportunity to improve their overall synergy and working relationships and enable them to perform even better.

A Closer Look:

The CEO engaged HCA to help him assess the developmental opportunity within his leadership team. We undertook a structured interview approach in meeting with individual team members to identify potential issues. In conjunction with the CEO we identified a number of behavioral and communications issues that stood in the way of the team reaching its leadership potential.

A Solution:

We developed a customized leadership team development program that integrated both individual and team coaching components. The program was designed to take the CEO’s vision of the organization’s new culture and imbed it in how his leadership team behaves and operates on a day-to-day basis.

The Bottom Line:

At the conclusion of our development efforts, the CEO praised his team for “making the journey” with him to a much improved level of leadership that was paying dividends from both an operational perspective (e.g. greater alignment on goals and expectations, clearer leadership team roles and responsibilities, more productive meetings and greater managerial consistency) and a relationship perspective (increased collaboration, greater synergy, open and honest communications and greatly increased trust). The leadership team was so pleased with the progress they had made that they engaged HCA to develop and deliver a similar program to the entire staff to support a common framework and understanding of the desired culture.

Ongoing Relationship

Throughout our multi-year relationship with this client we have supported the CEO and the organization in a variety of ways, providing integrated services and programs through all of HCA’s practice areas – Talent Acquisition, Executive Advisory, Organizational Effectiveness and Executive Coaching.