Case #11

Boutique investment bank organizational assessment and implementation plan

The Client:

A boutique investment bank in its first three years of business, owned and managed by a highly successful entrepreneur. The firm has approximately 10 employees and several major clients.

The Issue:

Like many start-ups, the organization has much ambition and highly capable staff while lacking the organizational design and the focus needed to deliver substantial results with their constrained resources. The CEO has many strengths and exceptional relationships in the industry, but has been involved in a lot of the day-to-day activity and has not effectively assigned accountability for results. In addition to the structural opportunities, the relationships among and between staff are dysfunctional and unproductive. As a result of these difficulties, the company has not had a profitable quarter in well over a year.

A Closer Look:

We spoke with the CEO and each individual team member to understand their strengths, their vision for the company, and gain their insights into how they could see the organization thriving. In order to build on strengths, we worked the organization to build more structure, create a sense of ownership and accountability for each team member, and develop a process for handling difficult situations and time-sensitive presentations. Executive coaching, executive advisory, and organizational effectiveness techniques were employed to create an environment of profitability.

A Solution:

New roles and responsibilities were established along with clearer lines of communication between and among the staff and the CEO. On-going discussion about how to handle difficult situations and remain focused on bottom-line results as well as leveraging individual strengths to maximize contribution.

The Bottom Line:

The founder make some significant staffing changes as well as realigned the culture to better meet his strategy and values. The new leadership team, the founder’s enhanced management style and focus on accountability has led to a more positive culture and attitudes and improved operating performance.