Case #1

Rebuilding the team for a large, family-owned real estate company

The Client:

A family-owned real estate company, with a non-family senior leadership team, is tasked by the owners to successfully operate the company and generate substantial growth and profit. The company has over $1B in real estate rental assets in a very competitive market in the near suburbs of Washington, DC.

The Issue:

The CEO needed to rebuild his team as he takes the organization into new directions in the competitive rental landscape. A cohesive, high-performing team is needed in order to get the organization performing effectively and ultimately prepared for growth. The first need was to hire to the right team members. Once new leaders were in place, the organization needed to create an environment with clear direction, accountability, and creative problem-solving capabilities.

A Closer Look:

We worked with the CEO to identify his hiring needs, help him create a leadership structure that would support his vision, and search for the right talent that would fit with some of his retained team. Once the team was in place, creating the right level of accountability and autonomy as well as developing a high functioning, integrated team environment was essential to the positive outcome desired. In addition to executive advisory work to the CEO and his Vice President, we actively engaged in executive coaching for some of the key staff.

A Solution:

Highly capable executives were interviewed and selected, new organizational charts were developed along with clear job descriptions, a sense of accountability, and the integration of the leadership team with the vision created by the CEO. Over a period of 6 months, we worked alongside the CEO and his team to implement the solution and work toward growth and profitability.

The Bottom Line:

The current properties are continuing to improve in occupancy and retention of residents. New processes are in place to handle breakdowns and issues as they arise. Members of senior leadership have measurable goals for which they are held accountable and reward and compensation are aligned. The team is now poised to take on some new growth opportunities.