Case #9

Client service culture and business development training for a regional civil engineering firm

The Client:

A regional civil engineering firm which was ready to get to the next level

The Issue:

The CEO was poising the company for growth after slow economic conditions and wanted to leverage their positive client relationships to help build a more robust pipeline.

A Closer Look:

The CEO and leadership team wanted to develop an understanding of how their clients perceived their services and how to help program and project managers articulate the service differentiators of the company. In addition, they wanted all employees to be able to talk about the company in a consistent fashion and for everyone to have the ability to identify possible opportunities for their services.

A Solution:

After listening to the CEO and leadership’s description of their challenge, HCA designed a customized engagement to create a client service culture and training program. The engagement included interviews of clients to hear how they saw the firm’s strengths and feedback on how the company could improve. A key set of client service themes and standards of performance were developed and all employees were trained and what to say about the company, how to say it, and how to identify potential opportunities through references and referrals.

The Bottom Line:

The company continues to grow through its focus on high level client service and on incenting employees to identify opportunities from within the client base and through new contacts.