Case #4

New CEO Search for a growing retail franchise

The Client:

A small but growing specialty retail franchiser with operations in several US cities and a limited but expanding global presence.

The Issue:

The entrepreneurial founder decided that is was the right time in the company’s development to step aside and to hire an industry experienced CEO to lead the company through a strategy of rapid global growth. The company would need to build administrative and operational infrastructure while maintaining its nimble operating style and relationships with franchisees.

A Closer Look:

The Founder/CEO developed the business model and had direct, hands-on experience in all aspects of the operations and excellent relations with the franchisees. Further, he had significant industry contacts which would allow him to develop several potential prospects

A Solution:

HCA was brought in to assess candidates. We interviewed, conducted personality profile assessments and background investigations.

As the hiring process was being conducted we advised the Founder on establishing the role of the new CEO, his new role and ways to effectively oversee the business in a healthy way without overstepping his newly defined role and disrupting the authority of the new CEO. We jointly agreed that a Board of Directors should be created with the Founder as Chair. HCA referred a key new Director.

During the early months of the transition HCA provided an Advisor to assist the new CEO in HR strategy and tactics.

The Bottom Line:

The company has completed a top to bottom reorganization and realignment of roles as it focuses on branding, franchise sales and capital structure.