Case #10

Growing information services organization culture survey leading to retained search, executive coaching, and employee development programs

The Client:

An information services organization with slow steady growth with revenue of about $20M.

The Issue:

A CEO who came from a Fortune 500 company where he was a senior executive was brought in to create a new strategy to allow for accelerated growth through expansion into new markets. The culture of the organization would have to change to adapt to the new executive and new strategy

A Closer Look:

We met with the new CEO who wanted a better understanding of the culture – employee attitudes and expectations. He wanted to introduce changes without disrupting the success – his goal was to take the same team and create a culture of innovation and excellence.

A Solution:

Initially we conducted a culture survey which was the basis for creating the new culture and his approach with performance management and accountability. The idea was to establish a baseline upon which to measure future impact. The survey was continued for a number of years to monitor the improvement in the culture and employee attitudes.

HCA’s role grew in a number of ways. We were engaged by the Board of Directors to conduct a number of important projects – a 360 review of the CEO, a retained search for a VP HR, coaching of a senior executive and a number of employee development programs.

The Bottom Line:

The organization has achieved remarkable growth with a marginal turnover. The CEO is now expanding its service reach globally and into new service offerings.